Couple Rates

couple Package

  • $6900
  • 3 Nights, 4 Days
  • Room in the VIP villa
  • 1 companion per day
  • 1 night with an extra companion
  • 1 free spa massage
  • Extra nights at $1900

From time to time, we get contacted by couples that are looking to visit the Viking’s Exotic Resort together. Do we offer such packages? Of course!

Whether you’re in a long-term relationship or marriage, Viking’s Exotic Resort is a wonderful destination for loving pairs to come and enjoy the best of the Caribbean with our all-inclusive, hassle-free vacation destination.
While many men in relationships would seldom admit to wanting to play around, it should come as no surprise that plenty are more than willing to do so. We respect people that have relationships of all types and actively encourage those that are happy to share an experience here at our resort to visit!

What’s more, our vacation package can cater to the two main types of couples who visit: those that are looking to let their men have a unique experience and those who are more inclined for both to get a taste of the experience. Ladies, to put it simply, whether you want to let your husband have a little fun on your watch or would rather get in on the action as well, you can rest assured both are welcome here.

Viking’s Exotic Resort has been hosting couples since 2002 – it used to be something of a secret that we only allowed for our most valued clients that wanted to show their partners what it was about. Since then, repeat requests have made us open the doors to couples who want the ultimate erotic vacation.

It should be noted that Viking’s offers our couple packages with the gentleman in mind: most of our ladies are not bisexual but under the right circumstances and for the right lady, they may be willing to experiment. Viking’s Exotic Resort is a rather traditional paradise in that sense: we tend not to attract kinky or wild couples simple because our service is catered toward more vanilla indulgences.

We prefer to speak to new clients looking for a couples visit ahead of time to answer any questions and to give you a better understanding of what to expect. We aim to offer the ultimate erotic vacation experience, but prioritize a compatibility of your expectations with our services.

Here’s a look at our prices and package upgrades:

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